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The HUYA Destiny Cup PUBG Spring Invitational is about to start on April 20th. All the big teams will gather together to fight for the destiny! The competition will last for more than a month, with a total of 110 teams participating in the event, and HUYA has also set a prize of 800,000 for this event. As the official game earphone of this invitational tournament, Xiberia will witness the birth of the champion. During the live broadcast, you can also draw a lottery by brushing the curtain. The prize is a professional esports game headset provided by Xiberia. Reveal the contents of the barrage in advance: "Xiberia professional headphones + qq number" to participate in the barrage draw.

In recent years, Xiberia products have not only been recognized by more and more professional players, but also frequent visitors to major online and offline events in China. The cooperation with HUYA can be said to be a strong alliance. Huya is the leading interactive live broadcast platform in China, with a professional racing system and a luxurious star lineup. Xiberia's achievements in the field of esport gaming headsets are also obvious. West Xiberia is the only designated gaming headset for WCA2016, and Xiberia products are used by many professional players. The team used, G-Star PUBG Busan International Invitational Championship A+ Big Brother and iFTY team all use Xiberia products.

The specific schedule will start on April 20th. At that time, 80 teams will be divided into 4 groups. The top five of each group will be promoted to the round robin. A total of 20 sea election teams will advance to the round robin. Then confront the 30 invited teams on the same stage! I think it can be seen in the chicken race for several days, and they are all well-known teams, so excited!

There are a lot of teams in this competition that everyone is optimistic about, and the iFTY team of Xiberia brand spokesperson A+ Big Brother is one of them. The iFTY team members are very familiar with A+ big brother APLUSVABLE, new murderer Wang Kao KENYOFF, small Turkey aoiscarlet, Guo Degang GDGAMtB. The iFTY team is the champion of the G-Star PUBG Suspension International Invitational Championship. The story of A+ Big Brother’s sister wins is from G-Star. The Dragon Ball LKP Chicken King Championship Finals (offline) just recently ended, the iFTY team has two The second time I ate the chicken and got the second best result. In the team kill list, iFTY ranked first with 60 kills, and iFTYKENYOFF ranked the top with 25 kills. Therefore, this time, the iFTY team led by A+ Big Brother will be the most powerful competitor of the champion.

Of course, in addition to the iFTY team, there are also 4AM, RNG, LGD and other traditional strong teams have joined the event, let us look forward to their final performance.

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