Xiberia S21 support HUYA destiny cups the second season!

On March 23rd, the HUYA Cup Solo Competition officially started! The top professional players in the country, such as AG, RNG, WZ, and SSS, fought the peak battle. The fans watched the fans in the first night of the first battle to reach 1.3 million! The audience played the screen and each of them supported the professional players. The WZ team in this competition is also very concerned as a PUBG black horse. I wonder if there will be any amazing performances in this solo competition. The solo time is from the 23rd to the 7th of April, who is the strongest solo king? Lock the HUYA live.

Xiberia as the official designated game headset for the HUYA SOLO, for the event to provide a beautiful prize "S21 esports gaming headset", listening to the enemy, unexpected!

The game system uses a new 6X6 snow map to make the game more exciting. In addition, the map also adds signal gun props, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the game. How do the gods use the signal gun to fish? Let people look forward to it!

In the competition mode, the finals of the competition added a “SOLO STAR Exposure” mode. Those who are voted as solostar are awarded the corresponding score according to the safety zone level. The safety zone level 1 gets 1 point and so on (the safety zone level points do not accumulate), and the solostar is killed to obtain the safety zone level score of the solostar. The younger partners can then cast a valuable vote for the support professional players.

During the competition, the live broadcast room will award prizes from the lucky friends who are out of luck. The prizes are provided by the well-known esports brand Xiberia "S21 esports game headset", don't miss the friends! The Xiberia brand officially entered the Chinese market in 2014. In 2015, Xiberia signed the "StarCraft 2" women's world champion Ma Xue as the spokesperson; in 2016, Xiberia became the only designated peripheral headset brand of WCA2016; in 2017, Xiberia and the gathering game cooperated to launch a large-scale game "Tian Yan Lu" customized version of the headset And work together with Chengdu E-Dream E-sports Training Academy to promote China's e-sports education; in 2018, Xiberia signed the G-Star PUBG to win the Busan International Invitational Championship, the IFTY team captain, and take the chicken to eat. The first person's big brother A+; and became the official cooperation headset brand of WUCG2018 event; in 2019, Xiberia and WZ team, SC club reached a strategic partnership. In the future, Xiberia will continue to provide high quality products to players who love eSports.

420 top professional players compete for the king of solo

200,000 rich bonuses

Who can laugh at the end of the second season of HUYA?