Xiberia becomes the focus of the WCA2016 conference.

On the afternoon of March 10th, the WCA2016 conference was held at the JW Marriott Hotel in the Pearl River Delta in Beijing. The WCA Competition Organizing Committee announced the 2016 event plan, competition items and prize amount on the spot, which marked the official opening of the WCA2016 event. The only designated peripheral earphone brand in this competition, Xiberia, was also invited to participate in the conference. Mr. Liu Hanbing, the general manager of Xiberia, delivered a wonderful speech at the press conference and accepted an official interview with WCA.

Talking about why WCA was chosen as a strategic partner, Xiberia General Manager Liu Hanbing said: "WCA is a large-scale outstanding third-party e-sports platform, attracting a lot of e-sports enthusiasts who have high requirements for gaming equipment, and we are doing positive It is a high-quality e-sports headset that meets the needs of advanced e-sports players. This opportunity brings us together. We have a lot in common. First of all, Xiberia and WCA are both young brands. This year is the third year we have come out. Then, we have a common goal: to be based in China and to go to the world; many things in common let us go together. Maybe there are still many people who don't know us Xiberia, but I believe that from today, cooperation with WCA, it will make Xiberia the NO.1 headphone brand of China and even the world's esports games. At the same time, I also believe that the cooperation between Xiberia and WCA will be closer. Together, we will have the world!"

Xiberia General Manager Liu Hanbing (first right) live speech

As the only designated peripheral headset brand in this competition, Xiberia will provide WCA2016 with the best quality products T18 and T19 two high-value professional esports products. At the scene, Mr. Liu Hanbing shared the brand culture and design concept of Xiberia. General Liu said that "Xiberia advocates the "extreme" culture and the attitude of doing things to the extreme. This is why we have to choose the international brand design team to design for us. In the product development, design, commissioning will be integrated e-sports players’experience. And it is this kind of un-makeshift, will produce a high-value esports gaming headset T18 and T19 that are highly recognized by players and the industry."

Xiberia General Manager Mr.Liu Hanbing(right) introduce products

China's e-sports has experienced ups and downs, and now it has finally opened up the rain and fog to see the sun. The opening of China's e-sports is based on the opening of policies, stemming from the injection of large amounts of capital, and also from the love of e-sports. It is because of this love that WCA and Xiberia, when no one is optimistic about the e-sports industry, when no one is optimistic that the electric competition can bring economic benefits, they chose e-sports and chose to do electric competitions and professional electricity competing products, in their view, there is always someone to take the first step in order to make China's e-sports regain its glory.

Compared with previous years, WCA2016 has a huge upgrade in the rules of the competition and the scale of the competition. The most obvious feature is the emphasis on globalization and professionalism. WCA2016 will have more than 200 days of full-day events, 188 days of live broadcast and 28 days of landing. WCA2016 includes the following six major projects: 《DOTA2》, 《Warcraft 3》, 《Hearth stone》, 《StarCraft 2》, 《Heroes Evolved》 and 《CS:GO》. In addition, there will be events such as chess and mobile games, covering all platforms. The total prize money of this year's event is as high as 200 million RMB, which is doubled compared with last year.

Because of love and dreams on e-sports. There is such a group of people, their love for e-sports is no match, they are willing to contribute their youth to China's e-sports, they are WCA. WCA2016 is about to sail, and the e-sports field is about to usher in another year. Let us continue our love for e-sports, continue our dreams and continue our dedication.

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