WUCG2019 is about to open, and Xiberia support you to win!

On April 29th, the WUCG2019 season officially kicked off, and the campus qualifiers were fully open for registration! College hegemony will send you a battle post, do you dare to fight?

At WUCG, college students around the world will have the opportunity to compete for the title of the most powerful student e-sports player and to divide the total prize pool of millions. Xiberia, as the official designated cooperative gaming headset brand in 2018, will cooperate with WUCG again this year to help college students win!

Five major events  

【LOL】、【DOTA2】、【Arena of Valor】、【Hearth Stone】、【KOF 14】

Event time

Registration on April 29th

May-June Campus Qualifiers, Online Round Robin

July-October Regional Finals

October National Online Open

November Global Finals

Who is the best gaming headset? Xiberia Gaming Headset is your best choice. Xiberia, as a well-known domestic gaming headset brand, is committed to promoting the Chinese e-sports peripheral industry. While continuing to specialize in novelty products, it also pays attention to product quality, allowing users to consume happiness and enjoy products. Brought a wonderful feeling.

WUCG will start a new chapter, and pull your little friends to participate in this battle of glory to win glory for colleges and universities! Xiberia escorts you all the way.

About Xiberia:

Xiberia brand was founded in 2011

In 2014, Xiberia gaming headset officially entered the Chinese market

In 2015, Xiberia signed the "StarCraft 2" women's world champion Ma Xue as the spokesperson

In 2016, Xiberia became the only designated peripheral headset brand of WCA2016

In 2017, Xiberia and the gathering game jointly launched a large-scale game "Tian Yan Lu" customized version of the headset, and joined hands with the Chengdu Wing Dream (e-Dream) E-sports Training Academy to promote China's e-sports education.

In 2018, Xiberia signed the G-Star PUBG to win the Busan International Invitational Championship, the IFTY team captain, and the younger brother A+ who took the chicken first person; and became the official cooperation headset brand of the WUCG2018 event.

Wonderful continues.

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