Xiberia Support WUCG 2018 to register for the first week

World University Cyber Games(WUCG) 2018 season kicked off on May 4th. This popular college e-sports competition once again rekindled the war to convene the strongest college e-sports kings, and hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide launched the campus qualifiers at the same time. The horn of the e-sports dreams again. As the only designated headset brand of WUCG2018, Xiberia will pay close attention to this event.

The successful holding of the previous session made WUCG2018 an unprecedented event in the first week. Hubei, Qingdao, Kunming, Xi'an and other universities set off an e-sports storm. Many college students came to the fore. Some students also participated in the previous players. It can be said that this year's WUCG will be even more exciting.

Heibei Economic University 

Kunming Vocational and Technical College of Industry

Qingdao Qiushi College


Northwestern Polytechnical University Mingde College

As the choice of the domestic first-line team and professional players, Xiberia enjoys a wide reputation in the e-sports circle. The joint WUCG2018 together offers a unique and exciting e-sports audition feast. Xiberia sponsors the WUCG2018 event product for the S21 gaming headset. The Xiberia S21 headset features an innovative flying wing head beam, lightweight body design, built-in 7.1-channel sounding unit, and the use of graphene material to restore the more authentic game sound world.

E-sports registration method:

1. Log in to the WUCG official website and click on the head navigation “Event Registration” to fill in the correct information and information.

2. Pay attention to the official WeChat public account of WUCG (search for WUCG). Click on the “Event Registration” button below to fill in the correct information and information.

WUCG Campus Music E-sports Call SHOW Registration Time: May 4th - July 15th, 2018

Registration method: Participants who participate in the registration must upload their works on the Tencent video website, and then enter the WUCG WeChat public account or the WUCG official website to fill in the registration information to complete the registration.

WUCG Campus Cosplay Competition Registration Time: May 4th - June 10th, 2018

Registration method: Individuals and organizations participating in the registration need to upload their works on the Tencent video website to get the link to the work. Complete the registration on the official website of WUCG.

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