Shock news! Xiberia and WZ team work together to create a competitive dream in 2019

Today's big event! Xiberia and the WZ team joined forces to become a strategic partner to fight side by side. In the future competitions and trainings, Xiberia will provide the WZ team with e-sports-specific gaming headsets. The comfortable wearing and listening-sounding position will give the professional players a supreme gaming experience, which will make the players even more powerful. Looking forward to the success of Xiberia and the WZ team in 2019, this will be a new milestone!

Xiberia has an unassailable position in the e-sports peripheral industry. It has been recognized by domestic professional players with the concept of “Extreme” and has become the designated gaming headset brand for official events! In 2015, Xiberia signed the "StarCraft 2" women's world champion Ma Xue as the spokesperson; in 2016, Xiberia became the only designated peripheral headset brand of WCA2016, and won several awards from domestic authoritative magazines;  "Geek" selection award 2016.  In the year of 2017, Xiberia and the gathering game reached a strategic cooperation, launched a large-scale game "Tian Yan Lu" customized version of the headset, while signing the domestic famous CS:GO team FIVE, HP, and hand in Chengdu wing E-Dream E-sports Training Institute jointly promoted China's e-sports education; in the same year, Xiberia officially entered the international market and became a member of the WESCO (World E-Sports Consortium) International E-sports Alliance. Xiberia brand gaming headsets passed successfully LNEe International E-sports certification, we believe that in the future, we can see Xiberia headphones in more international venues; In 2018, Xiberia signed the G-Star PUBG Busan International Invitational Championship, the winner A+, and becoming WUCG2018 official cooperation headset brand of the event; 2019 Xiberia and domestic strength team WZGame team reached a strategic partnership.

The WZ team is a domestic strength team. Soon after its establishment, it has achieved a lot of brilliant achievements with a leaps and bounds, and countless powders! With the current growth rate of the WZ team, it is undoubtedly a bright new star. WZ team is the most threatening team of 2019 PUBG champion. 2018 JD Cup Zhejiang Province crown; Douyu Gold Grand Prix first day champion; QSL National Star Championship Group runner-up; War Horse Cup three consecutive week champion; National QSL group runner-up; Mars PUBG elite game army; ALIENWARE national challenge The champion of the competition; the winner of the  the Betta Gold Grand Prix; The runner-up of the XRE Finals; The champion of the G4 National Chicken in Zhejiang Province; The PCPI2 Finals achieved excellent results.