Reaching the extreme: Xiberia General Manager Mr. Liu Hanbing WCA Interview

WCA2015 has not been exhausted, and after a series of amazing achievements under the eyes of the world, WCA2016 was grandly opened today! Recently, WCA2016 announced a strategic partnership with the famous e-sports headset brand Xiberia. WCA2016's only designated peripheral headset brand! Before the WCA2016 conference, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Xiberia General Manager Liu Hanbing on the development trend of the e-sports industry, cooperation with WCA2016 and brand trends.

Reporter: The first game of WCA2016 will be officially launched in a few days. As the only designated earphone for WCA2016, what is the reason for Xiberia headphones to cooperate with WCA events?

Mr. Liu: Because WCA is a large-scale excellent third-party e-sports platform, it attracts a lot of e-sports enthusiasts who have high requirements for game equipment, and we are doing high-quality e-sports headphones that meet the needs of advanced e-sports players. The opportunity brought us together. We still have a lot in common. First of all, Xiberia and WCA are both young brands. This year is the third year we have come out. Then we have a common goal: to base ourselves in China and to go to the world; let us go with many things in common. Come together. Maybe there are still many people who don't know us Xiberia, but I believe that from today, cooperation with WCA will make Xiberia become NO.1 gaming headsets in China and even the world . At the same time, I also believe in Xiberia and WCA. The cooperation will be closer, and together we will have the world!

Reporter: What is the main product of Xiberia headset and WCA cooperation? Why do you recommend these products to everyone?

Mr. Liu: The Xiberia products that we brought this time are our professional e-sports version of T18 and T19. I am very happy. When these two products are on the market, players and users agree that our headphones have high values. In fact, these two products of Xiberia are designed by the design team of the international brand. They are designed and manufactured according to the standards of international brands. Therefore, they have been unanimously recognized in appearance and workmanship.

Reporter: In the entire Xiberian T series, the T19 is called the highest value gaming headset by many players. So how do you make the design so extreme?

Mr. Liu: We Xiberia advocates the "extreme" culture and the attitude of doing things to the extreme. This is why we have to choose the international brand design team to design for us. In the product development, design, commissioning, the experience of e-sports players and game players will be integrated, and excellence will never be achieved.

Reporter: It is said that the designers of Xiberia T19 headphones are all designers of international brands. They are designing T19 headphones according to Nordic mythology. Can you tell us about this part?

Mr. Liu: The design concept of our Xiberian T18 is derived from the story of "The Winter is Coming" in Norse mythology. The design concept of T19 is the story of "Götterdämmerung" in Norse mythology. This is one of the designer's design ideas continuation. "Götterdämmerung" is the end of the world in the Nordic mythology where the gods and the giants and monsters finally fight, the world is destroyed and reborn. The collision between the cold weapon and the flame has a strong visual impact. We have implanted these elements into the T19, which makes the gas field of the whole product more complete. Of course, using European mythology as a design concept, this also contains our determination to establish a foothold in China and to the world!

Reporter: As an e-sports headset, in addition to the design of Xiberia T19, what other excellent features for e-sports players?

Mr. Liu: The T19 esports gaming headset that Xiberia brought to everyone, in addition to the visual impact of the cold weapon and the flame that everyone saw, also used the ultra-soft full-cover type of the T18 sensible warm memory foam ear pads, leather padding and cotton lining to better isolate the external sound while maintaining the user's comfort. Lightweight titanium frame design, 50mm HIFI speaker unit, these are the sincerity we have given to Xiberia, I believe everyone will like it.

Reporter: T19 headphones are designed for e-sports enthusiasts. Presumably, they have won the favor of some e-sports players. Which e-sports players have experienced this headset? Please share their comments on T19.

Mr. Liu: Swedish e-sports retired player Eric, Neotv commentary NO, "StarCraft 2" world champion Ma Xue (Mayuki - Xiaoxiu) and other e-sports players have experienced T19 esports gaming headset. Eric heard about our media offer is 499 yuan, he praised us as a conscience enterprise,said such products are all 150 euros in their place. Our 2015 spokesperson Ma Xue (Mayuki-Xiaoyue) said in an interview with the fashion magazine "GEEK" that "all products that I endorse must be carefully used and experienced by me, I will not endorse junk products."

Reporter: In addition to professional players, what is the most feedback from e-sports enthusiasts on T19? How can we help with the subsequent product development? 

Mr. Liu: In fact, after talking with so many e-sports enthusiasts, the most important thing is the value, comfort and sound quality. Our Xiberia headphones, in the value of this piece, believe that our strong team of designers must live up to expectations. In terms of comfort, we will further improve the existing temperature-sensitive memory foam to develop a more comfortable gaming headset. Returning to the sound quality, we Xiberia always insists that "game headphones are also used to listen"! We Xiberia attach great importance to the real needs of e-sports enthusiasts, and because of their support, we can't bear to let them have half a disappointment and spur us to research and develop. Produce more popular gaming headsets.

Reporter: In the next new product, what kind of surprise will be given to the players?

Mr. Liu: We will further improve the function and design of our products according to the feedback from the market and the experience of the players. From the hardware to the software, we will add more personalized elements. For example, we will adopt more professional ENC/ANC technology on the T20 or T21 headphones that we will launch later, so that gamers can experience a better game atmosphere! Of course, in terms of value, please stay tuned.

Reporter: Ok, finally, please ask Mr. Liu to send hopes and wishes to the WCA2016 event!

Mr. Liu: Thank you for the support of WCA. Here, on behalf of the Xiberia E-sports Headphones, I wish the WCA2016 event a complete success. I wish you all the best in e-sports players and wish our WCA better and better.

This year's strategic cooperation between WCA2016 and the famous e-sports gaming headset brand Xiberia will build a bridge for global cultural exchanges with e-sports games as the carrier. It is understood that the reason why WCA2016 organizers choose to cooperate with Xiberia, in addition to value Xiberia's strong strength in the gaming gaming industry, more importantly, Xiberia has been working with large-scale electric competitions in recent years, and has rich experience. Similarly, Xiberia is also confident to contribute to the Chinese e-sports industry through the WCA2016 event, and to create a global e-sports brand, go abroad and go global!

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