Opening the era of e-sports, Xiberia and WCA2016 reach a strategic cooperation

In 2016, the new global e-sports drum will soon be heard, and the WCA2016 global conference will begin on March 10. This also marks the arrival of the world's grandest esports carnival in 2016. WCA2016 will adhere to the three major stages of professional competitions, open competitions and college competitions. It will cover the top players and teams of the world, the folk players of all walks of life and the audience of colleges and universities. They will be independent and complete each other to meet the needs of players and audiences at different levels.. In addition, a major innovation in the 2016 competition is to divide the year-round segment into three major seasons, which will attract more heavyweights and teams to join, and the three overseas qualifiers in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas will also be fighting. Start quarter by season. Recently, the WCA2016 Organizing Committee and the famous e-sports gaming headset brand Xiberia formally reached a strategic partnership.

In 2015, Xiberia adhered to the principle of “the product is key to extreme”. It launched two revolutionary products, T18 and T19. Whether it is appearance, workmanship or sound quality, it has subverted our impression of traditional gaming headphones. The most important thing is that Xiberia strives for excellence and never makeshift. It grinds the product to the extreme attitude. "Geek's game equipment", this is the slogan of the Xiberia brand.  Xiberia's "extreme" culture, not only reflects the name of the brand, but also the people who build the Xiberia brand and the players who use Xiberia products; It is also the spirit of the Xiberia people's dedication to the brand and the trend of fashion design. A group of crazy, persistent, Xiberia people who are inspired by innovation, technology and fashion, are products of Xiberia brand success with unconstrained, uncompromising, in-depth research and detailing.

It is understood that the WCA organizers will choose to cooperate with Xiberia to reach a strategic partnership. In addition to value Xiberia's strength in the gaming industry, more importantly, Xiberia has been working with large-scale electric competitions in recent years and has rich experience. As a well-known esports game peripheral, Xiberia works closely with the nation's major e-sports games to provide players with more professional esports gaming headsets, allowing players to more immersively into the game. And established a strategic partnership with Tencent Games, from the League of Legends City Heroes, League of Legends, to the first college league of "The Rain", Xiberia and Tencent Games have been committed to the development of China's esports games. Now, the connection with WCA2016 proves once again that Xiberia is determined to promote the development of China's e-sports game.

Xiberia said that after forming a strategic partnership with WCA2016, it will send the company's most elite team to follow up all the offline activities of WCA2016, and strive to provide the most professional esports game for professional players in each game. The headphone device allows the player to be more immersive in the game atmosphere, thus providing the audience with a wonderful esports game carnival.

WCA has been founded since 2014, and each of its offline activities is a grand event for gamers and game enthusiasts, and with the rapid development of the game industry today, WCA organizers say they will increase investment each year in the future, which means that the scale of such a game event will also expand year by year. Because of this, the strong and experienced Xiberia has become the best choice for WCA2016 in strategic partners. This time, the cooperation between the two sides can be said to be a strong combination!

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