[Official Announcement] Xiberia and SC e-sports club reached a strategic partner!

Just yesterday, Xiberia and SC e-sports club reached a strategic partnership, SC e-sports club was founded by China's first WCG world champion Ma Tianyuan. SC e-sports club has a well-trained training base and a complete management system, and is committed to becoming China's top club. This cooperation will provide the best quality and most professional esports gaming headsets for《PUBG》, 《Battle of Balls》, 《Playerunknown's Battlegrounds》 and women's teams under the SC E-Sports Club, so that the players can play better.

In recent years, the influence of e-sports has become more and more important, and it has become one of the indispensable industries for the future development of the country. China's e-sports has its current position that cannot be separated from e-sports players who are determined to exercise. Through e-sports, you can also exercise and improve the team's thinking ability, reaction ability, heart and limb coordination and willpower, and cultivate team spirit.

Xiberia is an officially designated game headset brand at home and abroad, providing game masters and professional players with "master" high-quality gaming headphones, allowing players to freely swim in the world and experience the immersive feeling. In 2019, Xiberia and SC e-sports club will show more exciting performances to everyone!

SC e-sports club record:

《Playerunknown's Battlegrounds》2018 City League Guangzhou Runner; 2018 Panda Stimulus Star Finals; 2018 Penguin Super E-sports Moon Runner; 2018 Penguin Super E-sports Finals; 2018 TGA Official Selection; 2018 The official special training round robin group first; 2018 official special training championship; 2018 Tencent officially stimulated the battlefield Samsung team (first); 2018 Penguin stimulated the battlefield carnival runner-up;

《Battle of Balls》2016 BGF Global Finals Championship; 2017 BGF Global Finals; 2018 Summer BPL Championship; 2018 BGF Professional League Finals Runner-up;

《PUBG》runner-up in the 2017 Western Sharing Competition; runner-up in the 2017 GAL Super League;