Handsome Men’s Team, Xiberia officially signed 17Gaming

They are

P City Master

PCPI S2 Champion

PUBG top team

They pointed the sword to FGS for the country

They are the handsome men's team 17Gaming

[Official Announcement] Xiberia officially signed the 17Gaming team from today.

They are called "flow teams"

It is one of the most popular teams in the domestic PUBG community.

It is one of the four teams representing China to participate in the FGS London Competition.

17Gaming has achieved excellent results since the team

Won the QGC New Year Invitational Championship

Douyu Gold Grand Prix Season 4 Champion

EPC Macau E-sports Carnival Champion

PCPI S2 Champion

Wish 17th team can achieve good results and win glory for the country during the London FGS Global Summit Invitational held on 4.16-4.21.