NEWS! Asian PUBG King A+ officially became the Xiberian brand spokesperson

Just! Just now! Xiberia and Asian PUBG King A+ officially reached a strategic cooperation! A+ will become the Xiberia brand spokesperson in 2018.

In 2018, Xiberia and A+ in the YY live platform 70537 room, to send fans a more exciting live broadcast! And send out the professional esports gaming headset provided by Xiberia!


About A+

Players who are familiar with the e-sports circle should have a good understanding of A+. A+ is currently the top player and super popular anchor of the national service. In the previous G-Star PUBG Busan International Invitational Tournament, the IFTY team led by A+ was defeated by the two main players. The first person to eat the chicken (also let the sister become the only female contestant in the Asian Invitational and win the championship). This is also the first time that the Chinese team has won the first place in the international arena. The title of Asian PUBG King can be said to be deserved!


2018, Xiberia and Asian PUBG King A+ together!

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