Xiberia is a professional E-sports brand, established in 2011, "geek, extreme, cool" is the culture of Xiberia. A group of fanatic and persistent geek who are innovative, non-committed, uncompromising, love to study, focus on games experience, strive to create the most comfortable products for users.


In 2014, Xiberia officially entered the professional gaming headset market and became the designated gaming headset partner of domestic large-scale E-sports such as WCA2016, WUCG2018 and WUCG2019, and reached a good strategic cooperation relationship with many professional domestic and foreign gaming clubs. Before launch a new Xiberia gaming headset, they will be tested by lots professional players and then they are officially listed. Therefore, the professionalism of Xiberia E-sports gaming headsets has been widely recognized in the market. Since 2016, the whole domestic market share of Xiberia E-sports gaming headsets has exceeded 30% for three consecutive years.

In July 2019, after more than two years, according to the data of 100+ E-sports professional players experience, and the feedback of continuous adjusting of many professional E-sport teams, the first set of Xiberia mouse was launched. Based on “the best hand touch design principle, the extremely good hand feeling experience has been unanimously recognized by many professional E-sport club players.


Adhering to the brand slogan of "geek game equipment", Xiberia will continue to create better professional E-sports equipment for players.